Why is it so important to involve young women in green entrepreneurship?

In our First Coaching Circles Session, staff and youth workers of YOU WEEN identified what young women can bring to the table in green entrepreneurship, rural enterprise and sustainability, such as:

  • Equity for All
  • Female Perspectives and New Ideas
  • Modernising and Dismantling Patriarchal Systems
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Better work-life balances
  • Government and public sector support for change

In other words, what women can bring to the table is unlimited!
Some young women, already involved in YOU WEEN, have started to prove just how valuable, hopeful and motivating it is to have women supporting women in green entrepreneurship, stating:
I’m honored to be at the forefront of change alongside other inspirational women, to improve capabilities and skills, for a brighter and more ecological future”.

Aside from women supporting women, youth becoming part of the unfolding green economy has a beneficial impact on the social and economic situation of young people but also on the protection of our natural environment. A win-win!

Young women have already done some amazing things and inspired us with their green entrepreneurship ideas like Lucy Hughes’s biodegradable plastic made from fish offcuts or Rossi Mitova’s Farmhopping, an online marketplace allowing farms to sell directly to consumers, ensuring consumers know where their food comes from.
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal outlines the need to prioritise the protection of our natural world, and where better to start than with including and supporting women to be leaders in this change?

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