Since the YOU_WEEN! project is addressed to rural young women, it will directly benefit from different type of actions directly addressed to foster their competencies. They will be involved 280 young women in all partners’ countries involved in the project, and the creation and piloting of the European Virtual Interactive Network and platform.

Furthermore, YOU_WEEN! will organize LTTA (learningteachingtraining activities) to develop entrepreneurial competencies and 2 representatives in each country will constitute the Youth Board of the project and they will also participate in all other activities that will take place locally, such as TPM, Multiplier Event, etc. This will certainly increase their sense of responsibility as well as their managerial and organisational skills.
At the end of the project, the 280 young women will have, as results:

  • Empowered entrepreneurial and managerial skills;
  • Discovered insights and knowledge about different rural life, hidden opportunities and organizational structures (in terms of business and entrepreneurship);
  • Improved communication, interpersonal and foreign language skills;
  • Refined and increased teamwork capacity, social skills, cultural awareness, acceptance of cultural diversity, increased tolerance to others and gender equality;
  • Raised awareness and knowledge about environmental issues and good practices as well as sustainable solutions;
  • Better ICT competencies thanks to the use of the platform and the creation of innovative content;
  • Increased self-confidence and self-worthiness.

The Youth worker, they will directly benefit, during the project from a specific LTTA where they will be trained in:

  1. Coaching circles methodology;
  2. YOU_WEEN! non-formal training methodology for involving young women in local grass-roots projects
  3. Use of the platform in order to follow the activities through blended learning.

At the end of the project, they will have:

  • Improved competencies in non-formal training methodologies;
  • Improved communication, interpersonal and foreign language skills;
  • Improved ICT competencies;
  • Experience in leading youth group in sustainable grass-roots projects.